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Our Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst (CPLTA) program is available to qualified lease and title analyst. This program enhances the professional status and provides a reliable standard of excellence and achievement that is readily accepted within the energy industry. CPLTA’s are recognized for exemplifying the highest standards of experience, competence and integrity.

Beginning January 1, 1989, the National Association of Lease and Title Analysts implemented the Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst (CPLTA) Program for qualified lease and title analysts. This program evolved from a two-year study conducted by NALTA's Certification Committee and represents the ideas and recommendations of many individuals. Participation is voluntary and available to NALTA members and non-members alike. Candidates who meet the established criteria and who successfully complete a comprehensive examination will be granted the title Certified Professional Lease and Title Analyst (CPLTA).



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  • Requirements
  • Work Experience

    To qualify for candidacy, each applicant must furnish evidence of having completed a minimum of seven years of full-time work experience (or work/study equivalent) directly related to lease and title analysis, lease administration within the energy industry, or in a related supervisory or management position.

    Academic Achievement

    A maximum of three years' credit may be granted toward the seven-year work/study requirement based on evidence of the applicant's having attained certain recognized levels of academic achievement. Credit is allocated as follows:
    • Two years credit for having earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.
    • One year additional credit for an advanced degree in business, law or other approved program or if the bachelor's degree is in petroleum/mineral land management at an AAPL-approved institution.

    Ethics and Integrity

    Each applicant must satisfy standards of character and integrity as set out in the Code of Ethics of the Bylaws of the National Association of Lease and Title Analysts. The candidate's signature on the application form will warrant his/her personal acknowledgement and acceptance of the conditions and responsibilities that go with the designation CPLTA and constitute an affidavit as to the truth of all statements made in the application.

    Local Committee Review

    To help assess the applicant's eligibility for certification, a committee of peers from the nearest local NALTA chapter will be asked to review the application and verify that all requirements have been satisfied. If no local affiliate exists, the national Certification Committee will obtain verification and recommendations from original sources. An application will be considered complete only after all forms and recommendations have been received by the Certification Committee and all applicable fees paid.

    Approval or Rejection of Application

    Each applicant will receive written notice of the Certification Committee's decision. Those approved for candidacy will be furnished information regarding the CPLTA examination schedule, review material and seminars. In the event candidacy is denied, the reason(s) for denial will be specified and the applicant will have 45 days after receipt of notice to file an appeal with the Board of Directors of NALTA. The Board's decision will be final.


    Each approved candidate's name and address will be published in the next issue of the NALTA News. Any member who believes there is just cause for withholding certification will have 45 days from date of publication to submit his/her views in a signed statement to the Certification Committee. All such statements will be investigated and resolved. As with every other phase of the certification process, strict confidentiality will be maintained.
  • Testing
  • Certification Testing

    Upon approval of candidacy by the Committee, each candidate shall have two years to sit for and pass a certification examination designed to assess his/her overall knowledge and command of lease and title work. Should this time limit lapse before sitting for the exam, the candidate must re-apply and go through the approval process from the beginning.

    The Certification Committee will set the cost of sitting for the CPLTA exam. The examination fee will be the same for NALTA members and non-members. The examination will be objective in format, covering such topics as leases, title, contracts, conveyances, pooling, unitization, and lease administration. Upon receipt of test results from the testing entity, the Committee will notify each candidate of the test results on a pass/fail basis as to each section of three sections. Exact numerical scores will not be given, nor will a candidate be allowed to see his/her examination once the test has been taken. A candidate who fails all or part of the examination will be allowed to retake and pass the examination covering the applicable part(s) only. A candidate may request no more than two retakes of any part. The first re-take will be without cost. If a second re-take is necessary, another examination fee will be required. Failure to pass all sections of the examination in two retakes will require the applicant to re-apply for certification and be re-approved by the Committee. The first and second re-takes of the examination must be concluded within the two-year timeframe following approval to sit for the examination. Should re-application be necessary, such re-application may be made at any time.

    Upon successful completion of all sections of the certification examination, the candidate shall be notified by the Committee by phone, mail or email and the candidate will be given a unique certification number and asked to fill in a form showing how they would like their name to appear on their certification certificate and the address to which the certificate should be mailed. The effective date of certification will be the first day of the month following completion of the grading of the examination.

    The Committee shall maintain final authority for selecting cities as sites for the examination and/or review. The local CPLTA Liaisons will be charged with encouraging the taking of the examination and/or review in various locations and helping to coordinate the process of examination and review.

  • Notification
  • Certification Notification

    Certification will be granted to each candidate who satisfactorily fulfills all stated requirements, pays all necessary fees and successfully completes the CPLTA exam. A formal certificate will be issued bearing the analyst's unique certification number and date of certification. The CPLTA designation is granted for an initial period of five years.

  • Re-Certification
  • Re-certification, at subsequent five year intervals, will be contingent upon the satisfaction of continuing eligibility requirements. The certified analyst must continue to demonstrate the high standards required of a CPLTA. In addition, an ongoing program of educational and professional development is necessary if the CPLTA is to stay abreast of new developments in the energy industry. To qualify for re-certification, therefore, the CPLTA must accrue 50 re-certification credits within the prescribed five year period.

    Re-certification credits are earned based on continuing education credits as described in Section VI-B of the Voluntary Certification Program. Otherwise, the re-certification credit requirement may be fully satisfied by re-testing, as described in Section V of the Voluntary Certification Program. Click here for more information on the Voluntary Certification Program (this is a .pdf document).

  • Application procedure
  • Forms

    Application packet request forms are available on-line by clicking here. Applications and further details of the programs may be obtained by writing to the NALTA Certification Committee at the address shown below.


    A non-refundable fee of $50.00 for NALTA members and $75.00 for non-members must be submitted with each application. This fee covers preliminary administration costs of the program and the application review process. After approval to sit for the exam, the optional review is $50 and the fee for the exam itself is $60, both payable to the local chapter sponsoring the exam.

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    HOUSTON, TEXAS 77252


    NALTA has available for purchase a comprehensive CPLTA Review Manual, containing 13 chapters and three appendixes. The manual is designed as a primary study guide for analysts preparing for the CPLTA Exam and a textbook for the CPLTA Review, as well as an exhaustive desk reference for analysts of all experience levels. Manuals are available from your local Certification Committee Local Liaison for $125, plus shipping expense if needed.
  • Affidavit of attendance
  • Local chapters or companies organizing educational opportunities should contact the local Certification Committee Liaison at least a month in advance to request Attendance Affidavits. If more than a single recertification credit it requested, a timed agenda and adequate supporting documentation must be provided to support the number of credits requested. The number and type of credits awarded cannot exceed NALTA Recertification Guidelines. If there is a disagreement as to the type and number recertification credits awarded, either the liaison or requesting party may contact the Certification Committee Chairman for assistance. The decision of the chairman as to the number and type of credits will be final.

    Vendors requesting recertification credits for commercial training classes should contact the NALTA Certification Committee Chairman directly and request a term national affidavit. A determination will be made for a one-year period and provide for points to be awarded on a consistent basis. A national affidavit is required if the class offering is to be presented on a repeated or multi-location basis. Vendors should allow a minimum of eight weeks to allow time for a Certification Committee decision. The committee's determination as to the number and type of credits will be final.

    Many educational or training events offered by other Land organizations, educational institutions, and commercial vendors attended on an individual basis can be approved for recertification points, as further explained in Parts VI and VII of the NALTA Voluntary Certification Program. If a CPLTA attends educational events offered by outside sources and wishes to request recertification credits, the CPLTA should fully complete the sponsoring organization's attendance affidavit document, attach a detailed cover letter explaining the request, and submit the request to the local chapter Certification Committee Liaison. If more than one credit is being requested, the requestor MUST attach a timed agenda and other course materials as necessary to document the type and length of instruction.

  • Voluntary certification program
  • CPLTA Reviews & Exam

Certification Manual

CPLTA Full Manual may be ordered for $175.00 which includes S&H Fees
CPLTA Eastern States Supplement may be ordered for $40.00 which
includes S&H Fees.
(Note: Please select the Electronic or Paper copy when making the supplement purchase)

CPLTA Manual Choice
For more information, please contact the certification director.

Certification Testimonials

CPLTA Certification is to lease analysts what passing the bar exam is to attorneys!

Alyce Hoge, J.D., CDOA, CPLTA

Founder  | Resource Legal Training

CPLTA Certification celebrates the Confident Persuasive Learned and Talented Lease and Title Analyst!

JoAnne Maines McKnight, CPLTA, CDOA

Sr. Staff Land Analyst  | El Paso Exploration & Production Co. LP
CPLTA Certification is a sure way of attaining an educated future and a brighter future!

Lupe H. Felan, CPLTA

Sr. Land Tech  | Samson Lone Star, LLC
My CPLTA designation is unquestionably the proudest achievement of my oil & gas career!

Toni U. Semple, CPLTA

Landman  | Petrohawk Energy Corporation
Certification is worth all the hours of study and classes prior to the exam.

Rhonda J. Vardeman, CPLTA

Sr. Lease Analyst  | SM Energy Company

Attaining CPLTA status was a personal goal which ended up being more about the journey not the destination.

Kathy Mays, CPLTA

Sr. Lease Analsyt  | Denbury Onshore, LLC

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